Your Free Open Source Music Studio (Book)

  • Your Free Open Source Music Studio (Book)

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By G.W. Childs IV

If you're looking to discover the very latest music-making technology and you want to save money, Your Free Open Source Music Studio is for you. This exciting new book takes readers deep into the world of open source software---where the new, the innovative, and the affordable are key. Delve into pre-screened useable and reliable music shareware and freeware programs, beginning with shareware DAW recording software. Learn about the various multi-track recording programs that are available free of charge and how you can get your hands on them. There are also tutorials on how to use the programs. You'll then brush up on the various available plug-ins, from virtual instruments to correctional plug-ins, like compressors. The book also examines stereo audio editors like Audacity, which are a necessity for mastering; destructive edits; and more. Much of the technology the book covers is more advanced than anything you can currently purchase, but it's free! This is a must-have resource for any musician looking to save money while learning the latest technology. (54-1435458362)

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