Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle (Book)

  • Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle (Book)

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By Barry Wood

Plug-ins are present in every current digital audio workstation (DAW) today, enhancing the programs' functionality. But since they're often designed to address very specific needs, plug-ins vary greatly, making it more important than ever that students have a solid grounding in plug-ins. Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle introduces students to a variety of valuable Waves plug-ins used in mixing. Each chapter covers the plug-ins in a specific bundle, detailing how they can be used in a mix. Beginning with the least expensive Waves bundle and building up to their most complete package, students will build upon their knowledge with each chapter. Students will be able to download audio files and plug-in presets so they can hear the power of these tools. Whether they are seeking an understanding of what some of the plug-ins out there can do, or are looking for new ways to use what they already have, this book is the perfect resource for all of your students. (54-1435457463)

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