Six Partitas, BWV 825--830

  • Six Partitas, BWV 825--830

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By Johann Sebastian Bach / ed. Hans Bischoff

Hans Bischoff (1852--1889) was a German concert pianist and well-regarded music editor, who continues to be respected for his thorough research, attention to detail, and careful consideration of source materials. This newly engraved edition of the Six Partitas, BWV 825--830 is based on Bischoff's analysis of the original 1731 engraving and of other manuscripts and secondary sources. Bischoff's footnotes and prefatory commentary have been preserved, as well as his interpretive suggestions for performance. Also included are explanations of the ornaments used throughout the work and helpful fingering. Measure numbers and BWV numbers have been included for easy reference. (00-44324) (Advanced)

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