Professional Piano Teaching, Volume 2

  • Professional Piano Teaching, Volume 2

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A Comprehensive Piano Pedagogy Textbook

By Jeanine M. Jacobson / ed. E. L. Lancaster and Albert Mendoza

This second volume of Professional Piano Teaching is designed to serve as a basic text for a second-semester or upper-division piano pedagogy course. It provides an overview of learning principles and a thorough approach to essential aspects of teaching intermediate to advanced students. Special features include discussions on how to teach, not just what to teach; numerous musical examples; chapter summaries; and suggested projects for new and experienced teachers. Topics: teaching students beyond the elementary levels * an overview of learning processes and learning theories * teaching transfer students * preparing students for college piano major auditions * teaching rhythm, reading, technique, and musicality * researching, evaluating, selecting, and presenting intermediate and advanced repertoire * developing stylistic interpretation of repertoire from each musical period * developing expressive and artistic interpretation and performance * motivating students and providing instruction in effective practice * teaching memorization and performance skills. 452 pages. Index. (00-37608) (Intermediate/Advanced)

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