Pro Tools 10 Ignite! (Book & CD-ROM)

  • Pro Tools 10 Ignite! (Book & CD-ROM)

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The Visual Guide for New Users

By Andrew Hagerman

Get ready to explore the world of computer music creation with Pro Tools 10 Ignite! Even if you've never created music on your computer, this book will give you the skills required to record and mix with confidence. It presents everything you need to know about Pro Tools 10, with easy-to-follow instructions and screen shots that make it simple to dive into the features. Begin with the basic techniques of recording, editing, and mixing MIDI and digital audio. Then, get ready to harness the power of this amazing digital audio workstation as you explore software effects, virtual instruments, and mixes that you can automate and edit with some of the best tools in the business. Follow along using the sample files on the book's CD-ROM, which also includes four appendixes for further learning. Ignite your music with the power of Pro Tools 10! (54-1133703127)