Musical Scenes, Book 1

  • Musical Scenes, Book 1

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11 Late Elementary to Early Intermediate Character Pieces for Piano Solo

By Joyce Grill

These diverse and entertaining solos are "character pieces" that create a mental picture of a particular scene or episode. Students will find it easy to relate to the "picture title" of each solo in order to determine its mood, style, and tempo. By interjecting their own musical ideas (such as dynamics, lyrics, rubato, etc.), students will enjoy using their imagination to help make each scene or episode even more colorful and descriptive. Students will also be inspired to become more thoughtful and expressive musicians. Book 1 includes 11 pieces for the late elementary to early intermediate pianist. Titles: Being Silly * Feelin' Fine * High Jump * I Just Get So Mad * I'm Happy * Practicing * A Quiet Day * Scary! * Skating * Tension * Wishing on a Star. "Being Silly" and "I'm Happy" are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections. (00-42650) (Late Elementary / Early Intermediate)

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