Making Music with SONAR Home Studio (Book)

  • Making Music with SONAR Home Studio (Book)

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By Craig Anderton

Computers have changed the way we make music. For less than a thousand dollars (including the computer), you can have a studio in your bedroom that rivals the capabilities of million-dollar studios of a not-so-distant past. One of the best tools at the recording musician’s disposal is SONAR Home Studio. But to truly maximize your creativity, you need more than just the program and the manual---you need guidance on how to actually use the program to make music, guidance included in this book. Making Music with SONAR Home Studio shows you how to use the software as a creative tool, not just a recording program. It goes beyond the user manual to help you get started recording the right way in your home studio. Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language, from optimizing your recording setup to composing, recording, and mixing down a song. (54-1598639730)