Make Your Music Video and Put It Online (Book)

  • Make Your Music Video and Put It Online (Book)

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By Robert Safir

Make Your Music Video and Put It Online will help you learn how to produce a high-quality, high-production value, low-budget music video and let the world know about it through the Internet. First, the book offers suggestions for choosing a song appropriate for video. Then you'll learn the basics of filming the video, post-production editing, music synchronization, and video formats optimized for online video. Finally, you'll learn to upload the video to popular online music and social networking sites and how to drive traffic to your new masterpiece. Throughout the book, you will familiarize yourself with more than just the techniques involved; you will gain knowledge of the strategy behind those techniques. You will not only become a better-prepared creative director of your project, but a savvier marketer that knows old-school PR tactics and the latest cutting-edge techniques for presenting yourself in the best possible light. This is more than a book about how to make a music video---it's a guide to marketing your music in the 21st century. (54-1598639978)