House of Worship: Sound Reinforcement (Book)

  • House of Worship: Sound Reinforcement (Book)

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By Jamie Rio and Chris Buono

House of Worship: Sound Reinforcement provides everything you need to know to become a sound technician in a house of worship and beyond. Starting with the basic foundations of sound, you’ll progress into learning how the sound in your house of worship is captured with microphones, fed into the mixing console, processed, and then sent out through the speaker system to both the congregation and the worship team. You will learn how to create an optimal environment for projecting sound in your worship space and you will discover what it takes to maintain your system as well as how to readjust and/or create a new system for outreach events. Although the concepts in this book are complex, they are conveyed in non-technical language, so even if you have no experience with sound reinforcement, the book’s contents are easy to follow and put into practice. The authors focus on real-world situations and setups while avoiding discussions of physics and math, which can be confusing and intimidating. Whether you are just beginning your journey into live sound, you’ve been mixing at your own house of worship for a period of time, or you have years of experience already logged in, you will surely find useful information, tricks of the trade, and sound advice in this book that will serve you for years to come. (54-1598636138)