Catherine Rollin's Favorite Solos, Book 1

  • Catherine Rollin's Favorite Solos, Book 1

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10 of Her Original Piano Solos

By Catherine Rollin

The contents of this book have been personally selected by Catherine Rollin as some of her all-time favorite sheet music solos. Many of the solos are among the most requested by piano teachers and students alike. The varied styles of each piece makes this book a valuable supplement to most piano methods. This book contains 10 early elementary to late elementary pieces including: Bean Bag Dog * Chocolate Chip Cookies * Hoe-Down * Lefty's Cool Strut * Octopuses All Have 8 * Rock It! * Sneaky Skeleton * Sunlight Waltz * The Swan * Witches' Brew. "Hoe-Down" and "Witches' Brew" are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections. (00-25391) (Early Elementary / Late Elementary)

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