Alfred's Teach Yourself Computer Audio (Book)

  • Alfred's Teach Yourself Computer Audio (Book)

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Everything You Need to Know to Use the Power of Your Computer Now!

By Todd Souvignier

Learn all you need to know about computer audio and open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with this exciting method from Alfred. Unleash the hidden audio power of your home computer by learning what's going on behind the scenes and how to tap into it. Get a general knowledge of digital audio formats, sound cards and multimedia programs, then discover how to make the most of it with information about the audio capabilities specific to Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME & XP, and Mac OS 8, 9, X, and Jaguar. No matter what platform you're on or how basic your computer skills, you'll be able to use your computer as a desktop studio and get down to creating in the world of digital audio. Be your own teacher, and let Alfred be your resource every step of the way. (00-21910)

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