Alfred's Pro Audio Series: Beginning Cubase 5 (DVD)

  • Alfred's Pro Audio Series: Beginning Cubase 5 (DVD)

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A Practical Step-by-Step Training DVD for Creating Professional Recordings

Tap into the power of Steinberg's Cubase 5 to achieve the professional results you've always wanted. This unique one-on-one video experience will teach you how to make great recordings every time you open the program. You'll see exactly how everything works from the start---including how to set up your audio interface and create your very first session files. You'll explore the wide array of VST plug-ins and loops included with the program; learn to work with MIDI and virtual instruments; and even create a song from scratch by recording rhythm, vocal, and virtual-instrument tracks, and mixing it all down so it's ready to distribute. Take control of all that Cubase 5 has to offer, and get it right every time. Master Cubase 5 today! (00-33631)